By She Is From The Jungle


For decades now, the jewelry industry has only offered women a limited selection of fixed-length Rings and Bracelets. So we decided to design a Collection with Rings and Braceletes that can be infinitely adjustable to the EXACT length desired. 

A eco-friendly, ethical statement bracelet. Every time you buy from sustainable, independent brands you help make a positive change to the fashion industry. 

Every bracelet is made by hand, making each one unique. Ethically handmade using capim dourado, a plant that just grows in Brazil and is knowing as the plant based gold.

Namaste is available in red, black and shine. 


- High quality handcrafted by Brazilian artisans

- Made of a plant

- Fairtrade and eco friendly

- Vegan

- 100% handmade

- durability and sustainability

- Zero Waste

- Organic jewelry